Lies in the central area of the Pearl River Economy Delta, Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2006. After several times of expansion and relocation, Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Co., Ltd now covers an area of 7000m² and is located in the central area of Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. By virtue of daring to challenge, daring to innovate and daring to surpass, PackBest is now the pioneer of air packaging solution in this rapidly changing commercial age that is full of challenge. Trying to be one of the leading manufacturers of environmental-friendly packaging material, we have developed into a high technology corporation who specializes in research & development, manufacturing, and exporting more than ten years throughout the world. The business scope is also expanded to distributors and end users domestic and worldwide. PackBest provides the most professional and personalized air packaging products and solutions with very fine quality for customers.

Guided by the environmental sustainable development concept, we are adjusting according to the packaging market, we never stop developing and providing full range of air packaging products that comply to the needs of current market such as Inflatable air packing rolls; Inflatable air bag designs; Auto-inflation air packing roll system; Auto-inflation air packing roll system; Auto-inflation air packing bag system; Bubble wrapping auto-inflation system; Void filler auto- inflation system; Void filling - Air cushion; Container dunnage bag. etc. They are used broadly in electronics, hardware, daily chemicals, transportation, handbags and fragile products thus to form complete, professional and intergated air packaging solutions.

Detail is the key of success. PackBest is growing everyday with a view of bearing social responsibility, to be people oriented, innovative and provide quality-guaranteed products to its customers continuously.